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Would you like to have the structure of a large company to be able to better face your projects?


Do you want to have a place to grow?

Do you feel that as a freelancer you cannot say yes to big projects?

We are a Community.

  • Building Teams. Building alliances.

  • Collaborative work in the digital age.

  • Remote Work.

  • Access to bigger projects.

Do you want a tool to standardize your workflow and expand your network of collaborators?

    We are building a Workspace

  • B2B.

  • Workflow focused on visual and CAD content.

  • Chatboard.

  • Standardize work to impact potential clients.

Do you spend a lot of time training and trying to learn the last advances?

Collaborate. Someone else can do it for you, and you will save time and money.

Try multidisciplinary.

  • Demanding and exclusive community with experts who can complement you.

  • Accredited artists. 

  • Fewer intermediaries for talented freelances.

  • Bank of hours: "Do-Treed" and exchange your time.

  • Consultancy.​

Do you want to diversify and participate in projects that impact society?

We are building a network of professionals that responds to future needs.

  • Grow our role in the digital future. Much of the industry needs us. 

  • The community will create its own micro-entrepreneurship projects.

  • Be disruptive.