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Green and Gray Shapes Photography Course

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What is DoTreeD?

- Nodal work for the future world.-

DoTreeD is a community of visual artists in the digital visualization environment.

Focused on generating high ended content for designers.

High-level experts in the world of 3d, VR / AR, VFX, animation, films, compositing, digital sculpture, shader artist, scanning and 3d print, photography, concept art, art direction, project management ...

And all of you who want to participate. We all build this space.


-Bigger teams Bigger projects.-

We are building a solid network for the freelance ecosystem and for small companies that need to have an expert.

It makes it possible to create work teams to be able to access larger projects and be able to respond in less time.

Do you need a photo of London for your next 3d integration ?. Do you need an expert modeller to help you with some furniture for a new portfolio catalogue?. Someone to help you with the art direction?.

How does it works?.

-Lean on other artists. Union makes the force.-

We have created a digital tool where you will be able to find professionals with whom to build great teams or collaborate when you need help.

You can search in all directions.

Build your alliances. Find your clients.

Is it for me?.

-The future is virtual, is 3d and is collaborative. Be disruptive.-

Digital technology advances fast. Sometimes faster than it takes us to assimilate it. For this reason, we believe that multidisciplinary work is important.

Sometimes a single professional cannot access large projects. 

So; lean on others, delegate, create remote teams. Share your knowledge.

You will win in time and quality.

What comes in the future?.

-Digital content, 3d and VR will be present in most sectors of society in a very short time.

Expand your possibilities. Be Multidisciplinar.-

Advertising agencies, architecture studios, interior design, retailers, product design companies, gaming producers, editorials and magazines, next generation of virtual e-commerce...

We want them all to join us soon so that they can find high-level professionals in our community to generate all their visual content and strategies.

In this way, the community will provide clients with a complete and holistic service of branding, project development, prototypes, portfolios and campaigns.